Why Zen for Catering?

Not because you’re tired of the same sandwiches and fajitas…nope, that’s not it.  Well, not all of it.

And why not Zen?

  • Why not…
  • have hand rolled sushi?
  • be entitled to Organic Steak, Tofu and Eggs?
  • enjoy Sustainable Atlantic Salmon?
  • have your co-workers (cohort’s) go Natural with our Chicken and Shrimp?
  • go local? We bring in Farm-to-Table daily…yes daily.

There is no way ZEN isn’t more than the other guys.  Did you look at our menu?  Good chance we are in your budget.

So Zen Catering…Why not!

How we Cater

We cater and deliver for orders over $100

Delivery: Orders over $100 can be delivered with plates, napkins, and utensils included.

Catering Trays: Each of our catering trays feeds about 5 people.  Anything on our menu can be made into a catering tray per your request.

Individual Boxed Lunches: We regularly do deliveries of over 150 boxed lunches.

Line Catering: We can set up and serve you onsite.  We’ve line catered for over 400 guests at one time!

Email zenambassador007@gmail.com or call us at 512-900-8687 for more information.  We ask for 24 hours notice in advance.

Download Anderson Lane Catering Menu

Download University of Texas Catering Menu